dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Il y a quelque chose de magique dans Firefox OS !

Le système d’exploitation Firefox OS peut libérer nos smartphones et autres tablettes en apportant une alternative à Apple et Android, un peu comme l’a fait le navigateur Firefox avec le Web en son temps.

Nous vous proposons ci-dessous le témoignage passionné (et passionnant) d’un de ses développeurs.

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samedi 25 août 2012

Etonnants, instructifs, inattendus

Le Planetoscope, c'est la vie de la planète vue à travers l'immensité des statistiques mondiales et de leur évolution. La vie est parfois angoissante, souvent enthousiasmante ... tout simplement foisonnante.  Explorez le 1er site mondial de statistiques écologiques en temps réel  ... vous ne regarderez plus la planète du même oeil !

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10 Creative Ways to Introduce Yourself to Your Students

Comment les enseignants américains débutent l'année? 10 idées amusantes dans l'article suivant ici

Certaines idées vont faire bondir les profs français...

Connected learning infographic

Connected Learning

Des tutoriels pour utiliser iBook Author

There are numerous sites that are now offering Tutorials and how-to guides for creating ebooks in iBook Author. As teachers are now comfortable with the idea of creating their own e-textbooks more and more people are looking for resources to learn how to build touch enabled books that take full advantage of the iPad capabilities. Inserting video and high resolution photographs is one thing but how about inserting 3D manipulatives and models that are touch sensitive. Here is a list of some of the resources online. If you know of other good ones please add them in the comments section and we will update the list.

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mercredi 8 août 2012


In keeping with the "My Favorite Resources" theme (last week I listed my favorite resources for talking about Twitter) here are my go-to resources when people ask me about iPads in the Classroom.

ISTE iPad In Education Webinar Resources-A while back ISTE ran a great webinar with some fabulous educators on using iPads in the classroom. This site has loads of information, a collection of articles, lists of apps and information on Apple's Volume Purchasing Program.

iPads For Education- While this site comes courtesy of the Department Of Education in Victoria Australia, there is lots of information that can cross the Pacific that you can use in your classroom. Be sure to check out the suggested apps, the case studies and the 21 Steps To iPad Success which has everything you need to know if or when you roll out these devices.

Sample Lessons-iPads In Education-5 Quick Lessons using various iPad apps. You could use these as an example for lessons you might write.

Cybrary Man's iPad Resources- My friend Jerry of course has a great page with tons of resources related to everything iPad. There is more stuff in here than just iPads in education. There is general info, app reviews and more. (And some good info on iPad 2.)

iPad: Ideas To Inspire- From the widely popular series, there are now 47 ideas how to use the iPad in the classroom. Don't miss this one.

Tony Vincent's iPad Resources- Tony is considered by many the expert when it comes to these devices in the classroom. He has a plethora of resources on everything iPad including a great interactive that shows you Tony's must have apps.

IEAR- Dedicated to more than just iPads this community of educators reviews devices, apps and more. This is always my first stop when looking for apps to use with kids.

iPads4Eduation-This network of over 150 members is a great place to connect with other iPad in education users, post a question on the forum or read the posts to get ideas to see what others are doing.

The iPad Livebinder- My friend Mike has put together a most awesome livebinder with great resources for iPads in education. Lesson plans, apps, and more. There is even a section for administrators which I found very helpful. With over 60,000 hits on Livebinders, Mike must be doing something right!

Those are just a few sites to get you started. In each one I am sure you will find more information than you know what to do with. But maybe not. Maybe you are sitting on a resource not listed here or in any of the ones I list. Wanna share? Of course you do! Post it in the comments below.

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10 Real-World Tips For Using iPads In Education

Schools, districts, and even entire governments are considering a big move to deploy iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom. The buzz is unmistakable and there are already thousands of classrooms (and Edudemic readers) who have successfully deployed iPads.

Let’s pause to learn from their experiences and figure out the best way to roll out iPads in your classroom.

It’s time to take a step back and learn from what others have done. If you’re considering iPads (or really any device purchase), give your due diligence and take a look at the following cases. I went through each of these cases and tried to ascertain the biggest takeaways. Hope they help you in your journey to iPad implementation!

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